Well what kind of crochet blog would this be if I didn't post pictures of some things I've made? I tend to give most of my finished items away, so I didn't have alot to post and show you here, but I promise, any new projects, I will take pictures of.

The first picture is of a "Navaho Afghan" I made using a pattern from this site: http://www.steffosborne.com/knit/c-navajo.txt

I decided to weave all my ends in rather than leaving them as fringe (if you read the pattern you'll understand). It's a nice effect, but wow, it was pretty tedious to finish off that way, although a simple pattern in and of itself. I don;t have the edge of the afghan in the photo, but you can get a good feel for the overall effect.

The second picture and last picture are the too-short practice run of the modular crochet sweater I mentioned in my first post. There are obviously a couple of issues with it, but I think in a nicer wool, making the neck a bit smaller, and tapering the sleeves a bit, it could look really great, so I am currently working on attempt #2.

The last two pictures are of a shawl I made using a pattern I found at this site http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/donisfuff/croshawl.html

I love it, and the nature of the pattern allows you to make it any size you like. The instructions and pictures of the work in progress are great, making it easy to follow the pattern and know what each step is supposed to look like. The lady who designed this was kind enough to post the pattern for free, but as she states on her page, she supports herself by selling the finished product of her designs, so please, if you wish to make and sell a shawl with this pattern, please contact her first (her info is on her website).

That's all I have to post for now, Hopefully I'll have a picture of the completed, improved sweater soon :)


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