The agony of Dye lots

This morning I bundled up, and trundled myself out into the cold on a quest.... the quest to purchase enough yarn to finish my sweater project.

I was prepared....I had the stone cold stare-straight-ahead-and-maybe-the-crazy-people-on-the-train-won't-talk-to-you look fixed on my face..I had the label with the dye lot of the original in hand, I had the money in my wallet just waiting to be spent.

I entered the yarn store, and saw success in sight...There was the brand, with the right colour name, and it looked the same as what I had at home. Fingers trembling, I turned the label over to inspect the dye lot...

NUTS...not the same one. But as I despaired of actually getting the same dye lot, I decided to risk it and purchase anyway, perhaps the shade would be close enough to work.

Back home, through the slightly chilly light snow that has passed for winter this year. Back on the train with it's perils and unique smells.

I grabbed a skein from my original supplies, and held the two together in the light.

And there is a noticable difference. My boyfriend says he can't really see it...but, well, he's a boy.

I'm going to forge ahead anyway. The difference is fairly small, and I am hoping if I use the new batch on the sleeves only, it will be a worst case scenario of looking like I planned it that way on purpose.


Suzetta said…
I think your idea of using the different dye lot for the sleeves will work out well. The pattern will catch the light from a different angle on the sleeves and will look just fine.
Crochet Gypsy said…
Thank-you, I'm hoping that myself. I will post pics of the sweater when I get it finished.

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