Simple Pleasures...

Or, "Small things amuse small minds".

Like many crocheters who use the net, I belong to several online message groups. On one of them, the topic evolved into how a member didn't like scrap yarn projects because she hated all the joining of different colours, and all the subsequent weaving in of tails.

Another member posted this link and OMG, I am so completely excited by this simple concept, it is unbelievable.
No ends to worry about, no trying to carefully tie the knot in such a spot that it ends up on the "wrong" side of the work. (And yes, I know about "spit-joining", but that only works with natural fibres).

So, after reading the message this morning, I was impatient all day to get home from work to try it. I must say, it works like a charm.

Isn't the internet wonderful?


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