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As I mentioned in my first post, I am currently working on a modular crochet sweater.

Since I read the article in Crochet Fantasy where I got this pattern, I have been attempting to find the original book mentioned in the article, "Modular Crochet" by Judith Copeland. When I can find it on E-bay, amazon.com, etc, it's incredibly expensive, as it is rare and in high demand. I've tried other books, searching for content that would be similar, and so far, just gotten alot of disappointment.

After doing some research, I found the name of the publisher, so I decided to try and write to them, to see if with the apparent demand for the used book if they might consider reprinting it. This is the letter I sent:

Dear Ms Linck,

I am writing to you as I hope that either you will be able to answer my query, or at least be able to re-direct me to the proper person or department who can.

I am writing in regards to the book "Modular Crochet" , author Judith Copeland, published in 1978. I have been able to determine that the publisher was M. Evans and Company, Inc., who at this date are a part of the Rowman & Littlefield publishing group.

After reading an article about this book in a magazine, I attempted to find a used copy through several sources, such as E-bay, used bookstores, amazon.com, etc. This book, while it can be found, is in such demand that it often has a high cost, indicating that there is a great deal of interest in it still, and could possibly do well if re-published and printed.

I was wondering if it is the publisher or authors decision to reprint the book, and who the best person to contact in regards to trying to bring this about would be.

I thank you in advance for your time, and appreciate any response.

If I receive a response, particularly a positive one, I'll post it here (and to my other crochet groups, as I know this blog has a kinda limited audience at this point).

On another note, I spent a little while yesterday sorting through leftover yarns. I have alot of it, and no idea what to do with any of it. Some of the colours and textures go together, but most of them don't, and there is not enough left for a whole project with any of them. I can;t just throw it away though, as that just seems so wasteful to me. So, if anyone has any small project ideas, I am all ears.


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