Modular Crochet by Judith Copeland : Update

As I mentioned in my post here , I wrote to the last publisher of the Modular Crochet book to ask If there was enough demand for the book, if it would be reprinted. I recieved my response today, and while it's not overwhelmingly good news, I am very impressed with how quickly they got back to me, and how helpful the response was, considering how little the publisher could actually do.

Kudos to Jen Linck of Rowman & Littlefeild publishing group for her response and time. (I feel since her full name is easily available on the company's website, I am not breaching her privacy to post it here.)

Here is her response to my letter:

Since the book is out of print, then the rights have reverted to the
author. If she wanted to publish the book again and could find a
publisher who is interested, then she'd be the one to make the decision.

We only acquired M.Evans in the Fall of 2005 and don't have contact info
for their authors as far back as 1978. We also don't have any imprints
that specialize in publishing craft titles, so it wouldn't be something
that we'd really consider at this point. However, I've copied our
editorial director on this e-mail for him to chime in if he has any

Best wishes,

Jen Linck
RLPG Sales & Marketing

So Judith, if you are out there, and see this post, please, there are many of us who would love to be able to buy your book! And I'm sure there are publishers out there who would be more than happy to do so for you!


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