Modular Crochet: The Quest Continues

Well, I was a bit disappointed that the publisher of Judith Copelands book did not have her contact information to forward my letter to her, as she is the one who still owns the rights, and not the publisher.

Then, it suddenly occured to me the whole reason I am aware of her book is that the magazine Crochet Fantasy interviewed her, and published a pattern from the book. So after this rather delayed revelation, I marched along to their website, and sent a letter off to Ms. Copeland via email. I have my fingers crossed that they will pass it on.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in hopes that you will be able to pass this on to Ms. Copeland, as the company that published her book no longer has an address to forward correspondence to.

Dear Ms. Copeland,

After reading the article in the Winter 2005 edition of Crochet Fantasy, I became very interested in your book, Modular Crochet. Sadly, all my efforts to procure a second hand copy have proved fruitless. The copies that I have found available have been sadly out of my price range. I mentioned my quest to find your book to other crocheters in an online community that I belong to, and many of the members expressed an interest in finding the book for themselves. That coupled with the fact that there is fierce competition anytime a copy appears on an auction site, leads me to believe that there is a great deal of interest in your book.

I checked with your former publisher, and they advised me that since it is out of print, the rights have reverted back to you, and it would be your decision to republish the book, and with which company to have it published.

Please, there is a new generation of crocheters greatly interested in your book, and who would love to own it for themselves. However, if re-publishing proves not to be feasible at this time, I appreciate your sharing what you did with Crochet Fantasy.

Thank you for you time, and with sincere admiration,


Stitch N Locks said…
Wonder what happened with this? I finally saw the cover of this book somewhere on the 'net and wouldn't you know it, I OWNED this book years ago and just went to check my shelf - apparently got rid of it. Waaahhhhh!!! I refuse to pay > $80 for it again. My loss.
Anonymous said…
this can be purchase!. i just typed in the title modular crochet the book and several places from which it can be purchased, came up...even etsy. i once owned this book, in fact, it got me crocheting again after decades as a landscape archtect. find it, you will love it!

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