Frustrations and Yearnings

Well, my sweater project has been coming pretty slowly. I got the front panel finished, and then had to frog it all because it somehow ended up a great deal shorter than what I wanted. So, I am starting again. I really hope this turns out well, I have spent so much time envisioning my sweater that if it doesn't turn out, I may be inconsolable. Hopefully, I will make some good progress this weekend with it. It's supposed to be kinda chilly here, so sitting watching movies and crocheting is sounding like a marvelous plan.

I also have decided to save up and get myself some silk yarn from this site as a treat for myself. I need to decide on a project worthy of such beautiful yarn first, though. Maybe a classy handbag, or a summer-weight shrug or shawl.

Other than that, I have been very distracted by some non-crochet things, dealing with the union of which I am a member. It's a pretty long and complicated issue, and I'm not sure I want to take the space here to rant about it, at least not right now. I may yet do so at some point this weekend. Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and happy weekend :)


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