Feeling my Mortality

This is going to be a bit off topic, but I need to get this out.

I know people have car accidents all the time. It's a fact of life. I don't expect to have a front row seat for them while walking the one block between my apartment, and where I catch the train to go to work.

This morning, as I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street, I heard the crash of a vehicle accident. My head automatically turned to look, and I saw the car flip over and land on it's roof. It was pretty horrifying. While I did wait to see if the police would want my statement, (they didn't, I didn't see the cause, just the aftermath) I couldn't look at the car. No sounds, no movement that caught the corner of my eye. I hope they were wearing their seatbelt...I hope they got out of the incident able to heal their injuries, but I just don't know.

All I wanted to do was turn around, go back home, and spend the day cuddled with my boyfriend. I was thanking my lucky stars that had that been me injured, I have no words I'd regret as my last to any family or friends.

Instead, after the police said I could go, I went to work. I was pretty shaky for a few hours, and then only slightly after that. And while I try not to let non-work things affect my work, I couldn't help it today. I was slow, and having trouble focusing.

Please, go hug your family and loved ones. Tell them how much you love them. And pray for the unknown person this morning, that they will have the chance to do so as well.


Aaron said…
That's so sad.

But there's a reason for everything, I believe.

And in your case, it worked.

We don't take for granted thos ethings we believe could be taken from us tomorrow.

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