Well, here we go

Ok, so I am completely new to the concept of blogging. Well, alright, I knew what it was, but never created one, cuz really, who really wants to read the ramblings of me, besides myself. But it occurred to me this might be a way to keep track of my projects, get feedback on things I have made, and possibly some new ideas.

As the screen name implies, I primarily crochet, though I am interested in honing my knitting skills and learning other types ones, such as tatting.

Right now, I am working on a modular crochet sweater, inspired by the winter edition of the magazine "Crochet Fantasy", in which there is an article and a pattern for a sweater made using modular crochet. According to the article, this technique is from the book "Modular Crochet" by Judith Copeland, published in 1978.

I actually did a practice run on this sweater using some leftover yarn I had from making an afghan, which ended up too short (and trust me, no one but my boyfriend has ANY desire to see me in a cropped sweater) but otherwise seemed to turn out well, so I am now trying it in some wool I'd actually wear in public.

I will hopefully add pictures and a profile soon, though I doubt I will be updating this blog on a daily basis. Feel free to say hi, and leave any comments you want :)


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