Crochet with Wire

I decided I wanted to try something different, so I bought myself Nancie M. Wiseman's book, Crochet with Wire.
My older sister quite thoughtfully bought me Annie Modesitt's book, Twist and Loop, wanting to get me a unique Christmas present on the subject that I love.

So I spent a while studying both books, trying to get a feel of the general techniques and strategies, such as how to attatch the closures. When I felt I had a grasp of the concept, I headed on down to Michaels, where I got a few things to get me started.

The first item I made was a necklace.

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It turned out a little long for where the neckline of most of my shirts fall, but other than that, I am pleased with it as a first effort.

Emboldened by my success, I decided to try my hand at a bracelet. I will say here I attempted to use 24 gauge wire, which to me felt extremely stiff and difficult to work with. I may try that gauge again with more experience under my belt as the finished piece is still flexible enough to be wearable, but has a solidity to it that I think would be a huge advantage with certain designs.

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As I liked the look of that bracelet for the most part, I decided to use the same beads and change the design slightly. I quite liked the way the second one turned out. In fact, I was proud enough of it to include it as part of my younger sisters birthday present.

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And the wire crochet adventure will continue in the next post.


Alexis said…
Gorgeous bracelets.
Unknown said…
Gorgeous! May I ask which book the bracelet pattern was in? I just LOVE the bracelets!
Unknown said…
I LOVE the bracelets! May I ask which of the two books the bracelet pattern was in? Gorgeous!

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