Crochet with Wire: The adventure continues

I've only got 4 more finished pieces to show you.

The next is a single strand necklace I made in amethyst shades, which I quite like. Also, I have started to get the hang of wrapping the ends, and I am hoping to get that really nailed down soon.

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Here is what I originally intended to be a bracelet, but it ended up a wee bit bigger than what I planned, so I have declared it an anklet. I really like the colours on this one too.

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I decided I wanted a necklace that was colour neutral and that could be worn with anything. This is the one I like best out of all my attempts so far.

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Lastly, I thought I would try to use a stitch other than the chain or single crochet. I decided to make a pendant using dc's in the round. I think it turned out quite cute.

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That's it for my crocheted wire pieces so far. I find making the jewlery very enjoyable. Also, so far, I've spent an average of a little over an hour on each piece, which when most of my other projects take me some time to finish is nice to have something that works up quickly. I may try my hand at selling these, I am not sure yet. Might be a nice way to earn a few extra dollars to support my pre-existing yarn habit, and my newly acquired bead and wire habit.


Monkey said…
I found your blog through a yahoogroup we are both in and are fabulous! This one is gorgeous! I just started experimenting with crocheting with wire and beads yesterday and it's very fun. Hopefully I can create things after being inspired by you. I'll definetly be back to see what else you create. Gorgeous work!!!
V JR said…
Your work is just beautiful and looking at all the jewellery you've made, I am inspired to make them one day !!

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