Cute Little Cap

I haven't updated this blog in quite some time; as you can imagine, I have several finished projects from that time I will be adding now.

So, let's get started! First up, we have a little cap I crocheted for myself after picking up a skein of recycled cotton yarn. I was curious to see what it would be like to work with and what the result would feel and drape like. I wish I knew where I put the label, because I quite liked it, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to give it a try. Next time I am out yarn shopping, I will purchase some more for a project I think it would be perfect for, and I will update this post with the name.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I didn't really use a pattern for this. It's done in sc, I started by chaining 4 and joining. I then crocheted in the round, increasing until it was just less wide than the diameter of my head. I then worked sc in each sc around until it was almost the length I wanted, and then decreased for about two rows to give it a bit of holding on to my head power. I made a border using dcs and that's all. I did join each round, which I doubt I would do in future, as I have a small line going down the back of my cap. Not hugely noticeable unless you are staring, but I think I would have gotten a lovely effect by keeping track of the "end" of the row with a stitch marker and not joining.


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