Hairpin Lace Afghan

After finally learning to make hairpin lace, I decided to make a simple afghan to practice the strips. Overall, I like how it turned out, it makes a nice, light, throw. If I use it in an afghan again, though, I think that I will likely alternate it with strips of either sc's or dc's to make a more dense fabric. This ghan is going to end up donated to that fundraiser at work in place of the ripple one in an earlier post, since my mom has laid claim to the ripple.


Grete said…
Oh, that Afghan is so beautiful.
I love things in hairpinlace it is an so wonderful tecniqe.
Ann said…
A couple weeks ago I also "attempted to do hairpin lace". After 2 days of MANY tries -- I put it aside also. I saw a couple websites with instructions, the best one showed a video with instructions. Now I need to find instructions on what to do with the strips once they're done!!
Crochet Gypsy said…
I don't know if you'll see this reply to your comment, Ann, but this page has links to several joining techniques.

Also, if you have a Yahoo id, there is a yahoo group at where there are many helpful people with some experience. Best of luck to you!

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