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So, I saw that Blogger Beta had the option to have post labels, so that your archives can be sorted by category. Which caused me to switch. Overall I like it, but there are some glitches with things such as comments. Apparently, anyone with a Blogger account that isn't a Beta account can't post comments. This does not happen to people who do not have blogger accounts at all, or people who have Beta accounts. That really makes me sad, as I adore recieving comments. Who doesn't? Hopefully they will fix the bug soon, as I can't switch back to a non- Beta account. (A fact that they made me well aware of, it's my own fault for not reading the message boards in the help forums to see all the bugs people were experiencing first.)

I'd say that if you had any questions about my experiences with blogger beta, to submit a comment, but as that may not work, I have started a thread on the crochetville message boards here. Feel free to post to it.


Carol Thomas said…
I just wanted to know, if you have gotten the glitches out of your blogger beta??

I don't have a blogger beta, just the regular blogger.
Crochet Gypsy said…
The well, since you were able to post a comment to my blog, it seems that non-Beta users can comment on Beta blogs. Yay!!

However, I still cannot use my Beta ID to comment on other blogs. Not a huge deal in most cases, as I just select "other" as my identity, and then type in my name and blog address so the author can see who I am. There are a few blogs that only allow people signed in to blogger top make comments, though, and on those I am SOL, unless I create a throwaway blogger account just in order to leave comments.

Still havent found any customized templates for the blogger beta, but I think that's really only a matter of time. If I was better at HTML, i could probably create my own, but I am not, and so rely on the kindness of those who post free templates to be used.

You can get alot of info on what people are having issues with by reading the help message boards here:

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