Wedding Shawl

My older sister is getting married in July, in an evening ceremony at the top of a mountain. So while it will be summer, it might get a little chilly, and she asked if I could make her some shawls for herself and the wedding party. She chose a pattern from Fiber Trends done in a lace weight mohair. I have just finished the first one, and think it turned out rather pretty. In the pictures here, I have one overall shot of the shawl and one close up, to show the stitches and edging better. Now, just 4 more to go.......


Kitt Jones said…
Beautiful work on the wedding shawl! I made one for my daugher-in-laws wedding. She wore such a beautiful gown that I couldn't stand the thought of her throwing on any ole sweater at the reception,so I made her shawl out of 'baby-pompador' yarn [so it had a bit of a shimmer to it].Ended up, it looked like it was meant to wear with her gown! Good luck on the other ones! Kitt/ Southwestern Idaho and"Crochet Talk"

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